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Jonathan Leslie: The New Distinguished Gentleman of Smooth Jazz

Los Angeles, CA - Jonathan Leslie, the rising star of funk and cool jazz, is taking the music world by storm with his debut single "SunSet Latina." This single showcases his unparalleled talent on the guitar and his fresh, creative take on the smooth jazz genre.

New and hot on the horizon is a jazzy explosion personified by composer and guitar master Jonathan Floyd. Jonathan Floyd's guitar is prominent on the remix of Al B. Sure's hit "Right Now." Jonathan is an original member of New York's Black Rock Coalition and has toured with Living Color, been an executive at VAP Records, Malibu Records, and Jon Ray Music Publishing Company. Jon Floyd's business savvy and eclectic musicianship culminated when he became Musical Director for the group Forecast, whose project blended jazz, blues, rock, funk, gospel, and R&B and prominently features   Jonathan Floyd's classic guitar stylings.

 Jonathan Leslie was introduced to music at an early age. Over the years, he honed his skills and developed his own unique style, incorporating elements of jazz, blues, rock, and Latin music. His passion for smooth jazz, in particular, led him to explore this genre more deeply, and has recorded three albums with his brother Stafford Floyd as JS Floyd. He quickly established himself as a sought-after performer in the smooth jazz community.

"On You Radio," Jonathan's debut album, is a true masterpiece of multiple musical genres, showcasing his virtuosity on the guitar and his talent for composing catchy and memorable melodies. The album features a mix of upbeat and mellow tracks, all infused with Jonathan's signature sound and style.

In addition to his work as a musician, Jonathan is also a passionate advocate for music education and frequently gives masterclasses and workshops to aspiring guitarists. He believes that music has the power to heal and inspire, and he is dedicated to sharing his love of music with others.

With his debut album garnering critical acclaim and a growing fan base, Jonathan Leslie is poised to become the new distinguished gentleman of smooth jazz. His talent, dedication, and passion for music promise to make him a standout artist for years to come.

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